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The only way to make headway is to head the same way.

Team Building South Africa offers outdoor team building for the outdoor fanatic.  

We are fully mobile with all our equipment.  We do inflatables, crazy games, team building games, mind games etc. 

Outdoor team building involves a set of activities and experiences conducted in an outdoor environment to enhance teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and other essential skills among team members. These activities take place in natural settings such as parks, forests, adventure courses, or other outdoor venues. Outdoor team building is designed to challenge and engage participants in a way that fosters collaboration and builds stronger relationships among team members. Here’s an overview of outdoor team building:

  1. Location: Outdoor team-building activities are typically held in natural settings or outdoor venues, away from the workplace. Common locations include parks, campgrounds, beaches, forests, or specially designed adventure courses.

  2. Activities: Outdoor team-building activities can vary widely, and they are often designed to leverage the unique features of the outdoor environment. Some common outdoor team-building activities include:

    • Trust Falls: Team members take turns falling backward into the arms of their colleagues to build trust and demonstrate reliance on one another.

    • Obstacle Courses: Participants navigate physical obstacles like ropes courses, climbing walls, zip lines, and hiking trails. These challenges encourage problem-solving, communication, and teamwork.

    • Survival Challenges: Teams work together to complete survival-themed tasks, such as building shelters, starting fires, or finding food, which require collaboration and resourcefulness.

    • Team Initiatives: Small groups are presented with a series of problem-solving tasks that require teamwork and creativity to solve. These challenges often involve limited resources and time constraints.

    • Outdoor Games: Fun and competitive games like scavenger hunts, relay races, or orienteering that encourage teamwork and camaraderie.

  3. Facilitation: Trained facilitators or outdoor adventure guides often lead outdoor team-building sessions. They provide guidance, ensure safety, and help participants draw lessons from each activity.

  4. Learning Objectives: Each outdoor team-building activity is designed with specific learning objectives in mind, such as improving communication, building trust, enhancing leadership skills, or fostering problem-solving abilities. These objectives align with the team’s overall goals and challenges.

  5. Physical and Mental Challenges: Outdoor team building often involves physical challenges that can be physically demanding. This can help team members step outside their comfort zones and learn to support and motivate each other.

  6. Risk Management: Safety is a paramount concern in outdoor team building. Trained facilitators ensure that all participants follow safety protocols and use appropriate gear to minimize risks.

  7. Debriefing: After each activity or at the end of the outdoor session, participants engage in debriefing discussions. This reflection period allows team members to share their experiences, discuss what they learned, and relate the lessons to their work environment.

  8. Benefits: Outdoor team building offers numerous benefits, including improved teamwork, increased trust among team members, enhanced communication skills, better problem-solving abilities, and a more cohesive and motivated team. It can also provide a refreshing break from the office routine and reduce stress.

In summary, outdoor team building provides a dynamic and challenging environment for teams to develop and strengthen their skills while fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. It encourages participants to work together to overcome obstacles and achieve common goals in an outdoor setting, which can lead to lasting improvements in teamwork and collaboration within the workplace.

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