River Rafting

Enjoy a day out on the Vaal River. We do rafting on the Upper Vaal and Parys.

Upper Vaal

The upper vaal is rugged and adventurous. Here you will be away from the crouds.  It has a nice country feeling, and bigger rapids on low water levels than Parys. Raft through many islands and small channels. No experience needed. We supply all the needed equipment. 


The Vaal River Parys rafting stretch offers relaxed paddling and mild to wild white water river rafting! (Depending on the water level). The Vaal River can be paddled year round with mild winter days and hot summer fun. Teambuilding on all the stretches can be done with activities such as croc polo, raft castle build, croc relay, run the rapid blind etc. River lunch at a additional cost can be supplied. Raft through many islands and small channels.  No experience needed. We supply all equipment.

Team Building South Africa has the best team in the industry to ensure you have a safe and fun time on the river.

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